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Author & Illustrator

Michelle J Forte

Meet South Australia's own Michelle J Forte - author and illustrator of the 'Your Family" series of childrens books!

Michelle shares a beautiful family with her partner Tunde, and their two sons, Elliott and Darcy.

Michelle's passions in life include finding ways to express her inner creatives, which she does through various mediums such as drawing, painting, digital design, classical guitar and of course, writing.

But above all, creating a happy family life has become her number one priority, ensuring that fun & laughter are an every-day part of life!

It Started with a Passion

Michelle wrote her first book, 'Loved By Two', for the benefit of their then one year old son, Elliott.  Michelle was passionate about providing her son with a book that he could relate to - one that portrayed a family with two mums.

It soon became a sought after book by many families across Australia, and eventually World Wide! As such, the series was extended to include five different titles - representing five diverse family structures.  WIth this series being written to allow children around the world to feel included and part of a 'normal' family, Michelle is dedicated to growing the range as the need arises.

The 'Long-Legged Stork' series is now in the making.  WIth the first book of this series dedicated to her youngest son, Darcy.  This series focuses on diversity as a whole, and will follow the Long-Legged Stork on a series of journeys, as he discovers many wonderful aspects about the diverse world we live in.  
Michelle J Forte - Your Family Books

Let's Get Social!

Check out our facebook page or find Michelle on LinkedIn.  If you have any questions, get in touch!

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